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Welcome, Our Community Listens Alumni!

Since 2010 more than 14,000 participants have completed our powerful three-day communication course called “Our Community Listens.” Today we are known as the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (CFCC), paying homage to the family whose vision and generosity spurred us into being.

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The Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities offers the CFCC Leads! App to alumni of Our Community Listens. This mobile application provides the tools alumni need to stay engaged and excited about their learning journey. Included in the application are continuous learning opportunities, skill challenges, news, daily celebrations and encouragement, and access to all CFCC media, including videos, podcasts, on-demand courses, and more. Additionally, the CFCC Leads! App provides access to informational resources and support for alumni, including guidance on setting personal and professional goals and learning new skills.

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The Listen First Podcast

Listen First Podcast: Subscribe to our podcast to be sure you never miss an episode. Click here to view each episode on our website. 

On the Listen First Podcast, you’ll join host Adam Salgat as he connects with an array of fascinating guests from varied backgrounds and perspectives to explore how we can build better relationships both in our professional lives as well as our personal ones. Tune in for insight on mastering skills like active listening, understanding behavioral tendencies, appreciating personality diversity, and conflict resolution.

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