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Speaking and Public Engagement

Speaking Opportunities

At the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities, we welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences with the broader business community, academic institutions, think tanks, municipalities, healthcare organizations, and policymakers, as well as those working to create caring communities. As you likely know, we believe business can and should be a force for positive change.

“MUSC Health, we invited the CEO of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities, Misty Janks, to talk about leading change. So I went to Misty, and I said, Hey, we’re talking about change and our last or our next Leadership Development Conference. Can you come and talk about that in the way that the Chapman Foundation talks about it. She was able to come and speak to over a thousand leaders across the health system.” – David Howell, Leadership Excellence Manager, Human Resources at the Medical University of South Carolina

Misty Janks, an organizational psychologist and strategic leader, serves as CEO of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities. Misty has over 20 years of experience in executive leadership and is skilled at creating holistic business approaches that unleash the power and potential of people inside the organization. Misty has a proven track record for shifting organizational cultures and aligning strategies to increase engagement, commitment, performance, and results.  

Misty’s real-world experience in executive leadership, combined with her master’s in industrial and organizational psychology, helps her appreciate and drive leadership responsibility in setting organizational culture. In a true “D” behavioral tendency style, Misty values your time and will help you return to your organization with a complete toolbox with immediate actionable items.

Katie Trotter, a master trainer and executive coach, is the Chief Program Officer at Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities. Katie has over 15 years of experience in non-profit leadership. Katie is skilled at identifying, designing, and implementing training programs to address organizational growth opportunities and always puts the people at the forefront.  Katie is passionate about organizational leadership, as shown in her extensive training in facilitation and executive coaching.  

Katie has her MSW in Program Policy and Administration and utilizes this knowledge and her experience in non-profit consulting to quickly develop people centered solutions to business challenges. At the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities, Katie is famous for her thoughtful nature, approach to teaching by example, and infectious laugh. 

Speaking Topics

Effective Confrontation
Logic & Emotion
Psychological Safety
Reflective Listening
Trust Building
Organizational Change
Workplace Culture
Transformational Leadership