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Partnering with Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organization Impact

“The values and vision of the Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities directly align with what drives healthcare organizations across this country. The idea of compassionately caring for each other and putting each other first is a needed reminder for healthcare organizations to get back to the root of who they are – a people-centric industry.”

– David Howell

Leadership Excellence Manager, Human Resources at the Medical University of South Carolina

But don’t take our word for it, see what these participants had to say.

““I have formal training as an RN. I have extensive training in communication and motivational interviewing. Academic and lived experience. This course has benefited me greatly in an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive manner that I can practice and refer back to lessons learned. I wish this was taught in primary schooling and offered as a requirement for general education purposes. I understand myself and others better. I am less likely to respond negatively or reactively. I am very excited to continue this training as often as needed. I will continue to refresh my skills and the tools taught.””

– Greg Wolf
Mental Health Programs Administrator, Pitkin County, Glenwood Springs, CO