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095 – Game-Changer in Blue: Insight on the Power of Listening Skills in Policing

While officers undergo de-escalation and risk mitigation training, learning the Listens skills has led many to say they wish they had this communication training at the start of their careers.

That includes our guest, Sergeant Brian Brown of the University of Colorado Police Department. Tune in as he explains why and how it’s making a difference in the Centennial State.

094 – Big Aspirations w/Erin Wojkiewicz

A credit union in Green Bay, WI, hopes to bring its community closer than ever through the power of listening!

Our guest is alumni Erin from Green Bay, WI. Erin is the Assistant Vice President of Learning and Development at Capital Credit Union.

092 – Culture & Connection – Opportunities to Succeed

In this episode, Adam J. Salgat and CFCC CEO Misty Janks sit down to discuss company culture and what businesses should keep in mind heading into 2023. They share some new statistics about who employees think is in charge of company culture, how culture has improved coming out of the pandemic, and provide concrete examples of how to enhance connection.